Benvenuto!!! Welcome and Aloha
from the membership of the
Italian American Club of Maui
Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday
of every month 6pm - 8pm. See the calendar to
determine the meeting date and location.


Italian American Club of Maui

Diane Alba Means

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"Welcome to the Italian American Club of Maui"

Come to a meeting. We welcome everyone. We are a Italian heritage club, but are happy to have people from any culture join us.

Italian American Club of Maui

  Scholarship Awarded to Maui High Graduate

A $1200 college scholarship was awarded to Wendy Pias by the Italian American Club of Maui. Russ Taft, IACM Scholarship chairperson presented the award to Maui High School graduating senior, Wendy Pias at the annual awards night in May.

Wendy and her parents were guests at the IACM June potluck meeting  and  had the opportunity to meet and be congratulated by the members.  Wendy shared her educational plans and gave a presentation about her scholarship essay topic, “What Italian person, who has lived in the time period of 1900 until the present, has impressed you for their contribution to the world and please tell us why?”  She will be attending the University of Hawaii Manoa in the fall.

IACM is an Italian heritage club whose mission is to promote the Italian culture through fellowship, good food, and friendship.   The Italian American Club of Maui meets monthly and everyone is welcomed, and you need not be of Italian heritage to join.  Learn more about the club at   June 18, 2014

 Scholarship Awarded to Maui High Graduate

Photo: From left to right. Tony and Yollie Pias, parents of scholarship winner. 2014 recipient, Wendy Pias. President, Diane Alba-Means, IACM Scholarship committee, Fred Rawe and Diane Bevilacqua.

Italian American Club of Maui Board of Directors

  • Italian American Club of Maui Board of Directors 
  • Pictured from left to right are Kip Bowley, Treasurer; Laura Fiorentino, Secretary; Diane Alba-Means, President & Public Relations; Robert Lercari, Vice-President; and Doc “Jim” Vitale, Fundatore Emeritus – Founder of the Club.